All About CRMlet

Why CRMlet?

After years of disappointing experience various complex CRM products with the need and desire of other businesses facing us as a software house " Just find us a friendly system that is easy to operate and manage sales and customer relationship tasks with superior performance",

We decided to help and provide with love to companies just like us, a free CRM product derived exactly relevant and fantasy needs of any business - FREE CRM with a range of solutions and access to online management - we call it- CRMlet.

The idea to distribute the product free to small businesses is the belief that -If our business system works great with CRMlet certainly it would work for your business.

CRMlet is flexible and dynamic system let you with a growing business to be expanded with additional services and The most affordable way to you.

We would greatly appreciate comments on line to help us help you to stay connected and to business success

crmLet will continue to evolve with time, but the core values will stay the same:

  • It must be easy to use.
  • It must be collaborative.
  • It must go to where the users are.

CRMlet is made by Beatman LTD, a software company based in Israel, Tel-Aviv focused on creating remarkably useful web-based software.


Herve Bansay, CEO
Herve Bansay

Herve is a software developer with more than 15 years' worth of experience in many developments and start-ups. Since the turn of the millennium Herve successfully owns and manages Beatman Ltd., a software development and consulting company which plans and develops web architectures and applications for startups, private entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

Our business goal is to increase our clients' sales and support them to easily advance their businesses.

The Team

Stanislav Ageev, CTO
Herve Bansay

6 years experience in writing and architecting Content Management Systems. Designing restful and cloud based applications starting at the infrastructure level and up to seamless integration of external SaaS systems. Legacy-spaghetti code refactoring/decoupling

Richi Sun, Operation Manager
Herve Bansay

Martin Papini, CMO
Herve Bansay

Tom Alon, Dev & IT
Herve Bansay

Tom is a young and enthusiastic software developer. Apart from designing code in a plethora of architectures and technologies, Tom is also leading the company's IT operations, including integration & operation of IaaS cloud services, and is responsible to maintain the company's technological and operational reliability.

Gleb Minevich, Client Side Jedi
Herve Bansay

Dudi Lorenz,
Herve Bansay